Herbert Pervical Bear Esquire (also known as Herbert and Herbert P. Bear) is an evil polar bear who wants to turn Club Penguin into a tropical paradise. But the PSA and the EPF always stop him but failed in doing so during Operation Blackout.


Herbert was born on the Arctic Circle. For some unknown reason, he hated the cold. So he went onto an iceberg trying to find a tropical island. It took many months until he spotted something. Herbert thought it was tropical so he paddled towards the island. He then realized that the island was covered in snow. Trying to paddle back, Herbert tipped the iceberg he was on. He also didn't know how to swim, so he was drowning until Klutzy saved him. Herbert then grew a big hatred for all the penguins. So Herbert invented a machine to destroy the Ski Lodge. He failed but didn't give up. He then took gears out of the Clock Tower to stop it from working. The PSA foiled him once again.